Shaina Sammone is an innovative composer, who writes songs of depth and potency. Her ballad arrangements are with deliberation and intent to encapsulate the listener. Her jazzy and melodious tone quickly engrosses and apprehends the soul of the listener each time she sings. She performs at corporate and private events, concerts and has been casted in a variety of musicals. With purpose, her harmonious delivery is customized to bring a personal touch to each and every celebration.

The emotion exuded through the voice of Shaina Sammone provides a life-altering experience for her listener. “I want my music to be expressive and my lyrics to be inspiring. Self-empowerment is something that I want to resonate with my audience at the end of each song. I want my music to speak to individuals, whoever or wherever they are in their life’s journey. I truly believe that the way in which many circumstances impact our lives is based on self-perception coupled with the situation that we are dealing with at the time”.

Anchored by her faith and driven by her belief in endless possibilities, her musical path has been a timeless gift that she continues to unpack with each opportunity. In the summer of 2014, Shaina Sammone released her debut album “I Am Ready” with a ‘sold out’ concert in the heart of downtown Toronto. She has shared this album locally, in Montreal and New York, to name a few and endures to perform this hallowed and highly requested album.

Her long-awaited Christmas EP is entitled “Christmas is where the Heart lies”. Produced by Stephen Lewis, this album opens with a rhythmic old-school classic that will have you dancing like no one is watching while preparing Christmas dinner; followed by a reflective and evocative track that will take you back “home” no matter where you are; the remaining recordings will remind you of good times with family and bring you warmth over the holiday season.

The EP will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play December 10th 2015.